Mergers & Acquisitions

A major business change is on the horizon, but day-to-day operations need full commitment. We take over most of the tasks in the transaction process for our clients, allowing them to focus on their business while achieving optimal deal Value.
Our M&A Services for you:
  • Advising privately held medium-sized companies on the sale to strategic buyers or financial investors (management buyout/leveraged buyout)
  • Advising financial investors and their portfolio companies on sales
  • Advising financial investors on the buy side
  • Advising companies on the buy side
  • Advising companies on the sale of subsidiaries
  • Advising after insolvency and/or bankruptcy proceedings

Your Goals and Our Strategy

We listen and work with our clients to achieve their goals and optimal deal Value. Should growth be scaled? Does the company need a strategic partner for internationalization? Or a successor to lead the entrepreneur into the future?

Having built our own businesses and completed hundreds of transactions over 20 years, we understand this situation and the motivations for change. With two experienced partners in each mandate, we develop a Value-enhancing strategy towards the elaborated goal.


Due to our many years of experience, daily exchange with strategists and investors, and access to internal and external data, we are able to reliably Value companies. This also applies to the valuations of credit financing, bonds and equities.

Due Diligence

We prepare in-depth examination of the companies in order to identify special features at an early stage and thus increase the probability of transaction success. In addition, we closely support our clients in the execution of due diligence reviews by investors.

Creation of the Equity Story and Documentation

We develop the equity story with our client, tell it in such a way that strategists and financial investors recognize the Value and potential, and prepare all the documents required for communication with investors as well as the successful execution of the transaction process. Through deep understanding of technology, we can derive the resulting change and incorporate it into the equity story.

Identify Buyers/Sellers

The most important tool besides project-related, intensive research is our self-developed CRM and deal management system, in which the market and transaction experience of our partners and employees as well as an extensive investor network have been bundled since 2004. These data are continuously enriched with external data.

Process Selection

We help determine the optimal transaction process to achieve the best possible Value. This can be a freely negotiated sale or purchase as well as a competitive auction process.


Our well-established team brings experience from hundreds of international transactions to the negotiating table. Through our expertise we are equipped to answer complex questions throughout the entire negotiation process. Our job is to anticipate issues, hurdles and pitfalls so that you are always well prepared throughout the negotiation process.


Without professional guidance, a transaction can easily lose momentum between the letter of intent and the closing phase. Our team remains focused and tenacious until the transaction is successfully closed. Because every deal is our deal.

Transactions in this area

  • TIER

    Sale of nextbike to STAR Capital

    M&A Advisor for TIER

    DE / UK

  • Goldeck Süßwaren

    a portfolio company of VREP

    Sale to WMS

    M&A Advisor for Goldeck


  • Fabmatics

    a portfolio company of SüdBG and WMS

    Sale of all shares to SCIO

    M&A Advisor for Fabmatics


  • EMZ Partners

    Acquisition of imes-icore,

    a portfolio company of Ardian

    M&A Advisor for EMZ


  • pure-systems

    a portfolio company of bmp ventures

    Sale to PTC

    M&A Advisor for pure-systems

    DE / US

  • Ardian

    and its portfolio company GBA Group

    Acquisition of ICCR-Roßdorf

    M&A-Advisor for Ardian

    FR / DE

  • Nord Holding

    Sale of hg medical to Astorg

    M&A Advisor for Nord Holding


  • Silicon Radar

    Sale to Indie Semiconductor

    M&A Advisor for Silicon Radar

    DE / US

  • Werksarztzentrum

    a portfolio company of Auctus

    Sale to undisclosed

    M&A Advisor for Auctus


  • Semsysco

    Sale to Lam Research

    M&A Advisor for Semsysco

    AT / US

  • Locum Doctors

    Sale to House of HR

    M&A Advisor for Locum Doctors

    DE / BE

  • Kunze Group

    Sale of the operating business to aiutanda and the real estate portfolio to Carestone

    M&A Advisor for Kunze Group


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