Equity Financing

Equity Financing and capital market transactions enable corporate growth. But these instruments must be configured appropriately – in each individual case. We know which instrument is the optimal fit for growth targets and which partners deliver additional added Value. With this goal in mind, we search for the optimal combination of conditions, amount of funds, price and profile of the investor for our clients. This is optimized in a competitive process – that’s what we’re aiming for. In this way, we match each client with the investors who are a perfect fit for their specific growth objectives.

Equity Financing / Growth Financing

When looking for equity, there is a plethora of designs, be it real equity, a silent partnership or a profit participation certificate. Each of these forms of financing has advantages and disadvantages. That is where we come in. We advise our clients on the appropriate financing forms and find the right equity partner (venture capital funds, private equity, pension funds, foundations or even family offices) who support the company’s growth with the same Passion as we do ourselves.

Capital Market Transactions

Often financing via the capital market is the right choice. We advise on the opportunity of this market and bring in our proven network of research, advisors and syndicate banks. In this way, each of our clients receives transparency and can thus make an informed safe decision on the capital market.

A high value-add transaction requires reliability and Passion for Value:

Structure of the Financial Model

How will the company develop in the coming years? For this purpose, we analyze, optimize and model the business model on the basis of many years of knowledge of the market. In addition to sales, margin, cost structure, and debt and equity structure, our analysis also takes into account future liquidity requirements. Thus, the financial model is the necessary information base for investors to assess the investment potential and derive the valuation.

Design of the Capital Structure

Through our day-to-day consulting on equity and debt financing, we understand institutional lender requirements, funding availability and pricing. With this knowledge, we determine the optimal scope and type of financing to achieve – and at best exceed – corporate goals. We are happy to combine an M&A transaction with our Debt Advisory and offer both services in close interaction.

Preparation of an Investment Memorandum

In the investment memorandum, we draw a precise picture of the company – of its financial requirements, competitive environment and future opportunities. Based on this, we provide a compelling rationale for investing in the company by clearly identifying the deal Value for investors – the potential for above-average, long-term investment returns that we are passionate about sharing with our client.

Targeting Institutional Investors

Through our network, we bring our clients together with investors who match the respective profile, who want to contribute the required capital and support the business development with commitment.

Preparation of the Issuer Presentation

We develop an issuer presentation that is tailored to our client’s company and its needs, while convincingly addressing the issues most important to investors.


Medium-sized transactions are generally not open to public scrutiny. How do you find out whether appropriate, attractive conditions and prices are offered for a company? We draw on our extensive library of conditions for transactions around the world. This enables us to make a well-founded assessment of the offers received – and brings transparency and security to the selection process for our client.

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