Ethics and Integrity System

Pava Partners, in cooperation with the service provider Personio SE & Co. KG, has set up a whistleblower system to create the possibility of providing anonymous information in the following categories:

  • Irregularities in business transactions (corruption and other economic offenses, competition violations)
  • Conflicts of interest in the exercise of mandates
  • Money laundering
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Violations of data protection
  • Violations of professional standards
  • Human rights violations (e.g. inadequate occupational health and safety, withholding of an appropriate wage, etc.)
  • Violations of environmental obligations

In our whistleblower system, you have the opportunity to report observed or suspected violations by Pava Partners, our employees or within the Pava supply chain. The confidentiality of your identity will be maintained throughout the reporting process.

Further information and the possibility to submit a report can be found here.