Mit Energie den Takt der Semicon-Industrie begleiten

The Industrials & Robotics sector with its high relevance for the German economy reflects our entrepreneurial DNA and at the same time high transaction density.

Our partner Jozsef Bugovics co-founded API Group, which developed a computerized, fully automated after-sales process for the aerospace, energy and automotive industries. Our partner Jules Grüninger knows the sector through his time as founder, CEO and in various senior interim management positions. And our partner Tobias Seige was himself active as an entrepreneur in this sector. He founded, managed and sold Trident Components Group, an automotive supplier of light metal components. Prior to that, he was a member of the board of VDO Adolf Schindling AG, where he was responsible for worldwide production.

Within the sector, we have gained further international expertise in recent years in the area of Mobility incl. drive technologies have been developed. Examples include the bicycle transmission manufacturer Pinion with its sale to BRP (Canada), Next Bike to Tier Mobility, and support for the growth phases of Twinner.

We advise in this technology-driven industry, especially companies that have organized industrial production, value-added distribution and/or development structures. Our expertise continues to include enabling technologies such as battery technology or AI.

Our transactions in this sector

  • TIER

    Sale of nextbike to STAR Capital

    M&A Advisor for TIER

    DE / UK

  • Ineratec

    $129m Series B Growth Financing

    M&A Advisor for Ineratec

    DE / US / CH / KR

  • Semsysco

    Sale to Lam Research

    M&A Advisor for Semsysco

    AT / US

  • DPE Deutsche Private Equity

    Acquisition financing for the purchase of Sill Optics

    Debt Advisor for DPE


  • Pinion

    Sale of the majority stake to BRP

    M&A Advisor for Pinion

    DE / CA

  • Triton

    Acquisition of Kälte Eckert

    M&A Advisor for Triton


  • Twinner

    Acquisition of SHI-Scalable

    M&A Advisor for Twinner

    DE / HU

  • Berlin-Tyre

    Sale to Best4Tires

    a portfolio company of Rivean Capital

    M&A Advisor for Berlin-Tyre


  • ALPINA + BMW Group

    Sale of ALPINA brand to BMW Group

    M&A Advisor for ALPINA


  • mesa parts

    Sale to Andlinger & Company

    M&A Advisor for mesa parts

    DE / AT

  • H.I.G.

    Sale of WERU to Dovista

    M&A Advisor für H.I.G

    DE / DK

  • Twinner

    Series b growth financing round

    M&A Advisor for Twinner


Our specialists in this sector