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The pure consumer sector traditionally focuses on the production and sale of physical goods for private use and consumption. Digital business models are now taking hold everywhere. In the Consumer & Internet sector, we accompany both segments and their interactions. In recent years, we have developed particular expertise in the Mobility, Healthy Living and Pet Industry sectors.

We also have successful founders in this sector among our partners. Our founding partner Jules Grüninger, for example, brings the best expertise from the textile industry and retail. He was CEO and co-owner of Beldona AG, a lingerie and swimwear company with around 80 of its own stores, which he acquired in a management buy-in and subsequently sold to a strategic investor. Our other partners Andreas Kinsky, Viktor Meier and Max Drechsel are also firmly anchored in the sector through their entrepreneurship, their solid network and their expertise. For example, Viktor Meier advises on Mobility, E-Commerce and Pet Industries – consumer segments that are strongly driven by digital.

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