13. March 2024

Pava Semicon Capital Equipment Sector Report March 2024

Strong demand for semiconductors, de-risking and nearshoring lead to the expansion of global production capacities for semiconductors in China, the USA and Europe

Our latest Semicon Capital Equipment Sector Report provides the most important insights into market developments and valuations. Our Semicon experts Philipp Schlüter and Jozsef Bugovics expect the market for semiconductors to grow by an average of seven percent per annum in the coming years and reach a volume of USD 1 trillion by 2030, with a corresponding increase in FAB capacity. The main drivers of this development are the areas of AI, communication and automotive electronics, which we expect to account for more than 70 percent of industry growth. For suppliers to the semiconductor industry, i.e. semicaps, the capacity expansion means growth and high valuations.

Further details and our latest transactions in the semiconductor supplier industry can be found in our report, which you are welcome to request free of charge. Our experts look forward to talking to you.

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